Graphic Organizers for the Indian Ocean Website

Download these graphic organizers for exploring the site and note taking! The first chart is for exploring one specific type of icon within an era or across eras. For example, a student might collect information on travelers within an era, or compare travelers in more than one era. The numbers in the top row correspond to questions in the skills lesson (there are spaces for only four questions). The second format is for sampling different types of icons in an era, and each cell contains a question for the skills lesson. The most useful format will depend on your specific goals for the class. Since this is a collective learning, or jigsaw exercise, a method of sharing information will be implemented after the research phase, which may be done on classroom computers, in a lab, or as homework for students with Internet access at home. Responses may be shared in panels, group, or individual presentations.

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Middle School
High School

Time: 1 Class Periods

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