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Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Arabic Debate Society aims to teach non-native Arabic adult learners to reason their point of view, integrate evidence, and master techniques to become exceptional debaters and public speakers in Arabic. Students will learn the structure and organization of a formal debate, select and research topics, and prepare arguments to present mainly in a policy debate format.

The Arabic Debate Society intends to build students’ confidence to communicate effectively in Arabic. It will encourage students to critically think, practice persuasive reasoning, research evidence, deliver speeches and refute opponents in Arabic. In addition, the debate sessions will help students overcome their fear of public speaking in Arabic and enhance effective persuasion abilities.

The program consists of a series of five sessions. Sessions will cover Arabic grammar in context, Arabic argumentative expressions and debate principles. Each session will be concluded with speed debate rounds where students argue different policy issues to practice the debate skills and Arabic expressions they learned in the session. An emphasis on learning through experience and a focus on practicing debate topics in Arabic will be the focal point of every session.

On the last day on the program, students get to showcase their mastery of Arabic speech and persuasion abilities in a mini-tournament, in front of their fellow debaters, judges, and friends.

The Core Objectives of SQCC Debate Society:

  1. Preparing Arabic students to become sophisticated communicators
  2. Expanding students’ critical thinking and interpersonal skills in Arabic
  3. Developing students’ Arabic language writing and research skills
  4. Equipping students with necessary Arabic linguistic and fundamental debate structure
  5. Advancing students’ debate argumentation and developing effective methods of refutation in Arabic.
  6. Empowering students to serve as role models for both their Arabic language classmates and novice debaters.


  • Open to non-native speakers of Arabic.
  • Participants must be 19 years of age and up.
  • Participants must have a college degree or be currently enrolled in a university program.
  • You must to be at advanced or intermediate high proficiency levels.

To apply:

Send an email with the subject heading “Debate Society”.
Please include an introduction of yourself and your Arabic proficiency level.

Debate Time

The debate society meets in bi-weekly sessions on Saturdays from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

2020 SQCC Arabic Society Debate Session Schedule and Weekly Topics

  • Session One: 1 February 
    Introduction to Debate and Public Speaking
  • Session Two: 15 February
    Argumentation and Persuasion
  • Session Three: 29 February
    Rebuttal and Thematic Summaries
  • Session Four: 7 March
    Preparation for the Debate Competition
  • Session Five: 28 March
    Debate Competition

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