Our resources include the Indian Ocean in World History website, that offers its signature maps, lesson plans, quizzes, trivia and much more free of charge and without the need to sign up. SQCC is also proud to offer two craft activities for younger audiences. The first is the "Flat Omani" project, which aims to educate younger audiences about traditional dress in Oman and the rest of the Arab world. The second craft activity is suitable for all ages 4 and up, and is the "Majmar" project. In association with Art In History, an organization that offers standards-based hands-on activities for the classroom.

Lesson Plans

For additional lesson plans and learning tools, visit the Indian Ocean in World History website.


Graphic Organizers for the Indian Ocean Website

Download these graphic organizers for exploring the site and note-taking! The first chart is for exploring one specific type of icon within an era or across eras...


Indian Ocean Travelers in the Medieval Era: Networks of Exchange Across the Hemisphere

Most students are acquainted with the importance of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in world history, but know little of the world’s third largest ocean, the Indian Ocean...


Tea Goes Global: Patterns of Migration, Trade and Conquest in the Indian Ocean Over Time

While tea has been consumed in China for over 2000 years, it took many centuries before Europeans were introduced to this bitter beverage and learned to enjoy it, thanks to the addition of sugar...


Using the Indian Ocean in World History Website Throughout the Year: A Planning & Project Guide

This lesson describes several methods and extension activities for integrating the free online resource ...


Voyage of the Peacock and the Treaty of Friendship with the Sultan of Muscat

The history of the United States is inseparable from the global history of the pre-modern and modern eras. Those very historical processes that made possible the settlement of the Americas...

Indian Ocean in World History

The Indian Ocean in World History website is a free classroom resource that is comprised of signature maps, lesson plans, quizzes, trivia and much more, with no need to register for the website. The website is interactive and features a map section with primary resource entries in categories of documents, travelers, routes, goods, technologies, objects, places, and geography.


Video Resources