"Knowledge is not absolute and can always be revised," His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. ~ address at Sultan Qaboos University in May 2000.

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The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Library features a special collection of Arabic and English language books, periodicals and photographic works on the history, literature, politics and religion of The Sultanate of Oman. The range of resources covers art and architecture, law, Islamic Law, Ibadi Islam, Qur’anic studies, histories of Oman and Zanzibar, Arabic literature in the form of short stories and poetry, literary criticism as well as materials on science, education and libraries.

The collection features many publications not found elsewhere in the United States and includes a wide range of government publications.

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Oman : A Maritime History

Oman: A Maritime History is an edited, interdisciplinary volume that focuses on various aspects of Oman's maritime history.
The volume reviews Oman's strong and perennial relationship with the sea and commerce, which has deeply and consistently affected the history of the Sultanate of Oman for centuries. This book details Omani sailors' voyages to Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley in the Bronze Age, as well as their journeys across the Indian Ocean and Greco-Roman Worlds. It also features the proliferation of the Oman's maritime activities during the Islamic era, during which Oman's fleet expanded its voyages to China and East Africa.
This volume includes detailed articles about Oman’s ancient and modern maritime history, as well as interesting information related to the dhow and other diverse forms of watercraft. The work also discusses navigational practices used by Omanis to sail over the seas and explore new horizons.
The volume also emphasizes the evident connection between seafaring, economic and cultural exchanges, and trade. As a whole, the chapters of this edited volume focus on Oman as a seafaring nation, and describe how the Sultanate of Oman has made the transition from the traditional dhow economy to a modern maritime system. This study emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach and includes valuable illustrations, tables, and figures concerning the Oman’s maritime history.

Edited by: Eric Staples and Abdulrahman Al Salimi.
Published by: Georg Olms Verlag, Hildesheim, 2017.

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