"Knowledge is not absolute and can always be revised," His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. ~ address at Sultan Qaboos University in May 2000.

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The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Library features a special collection of Arabic and English language books, periodicals and photographic works on the history, literature, politics and religion of The Sultanate of Oman. The range of resources covers art and architecture, law, Islamic Law, Ibadi Islam, Qur’anic studies, histories of Oman and Zanzibar, Arabic literature in the form of short stories and poetry, literary criticism as well as materials on science, education and libraries.

The collection features many publications not found elsewhere in the United States and includes a wide range of government publications.

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The land of Frankincense: The guide to the History, Locations and UNESCO sites of Frankincense in Dhofar Oman

The land of Frankincense: The guide to the History, Locations and UNESCO sites of Frankincense in Dhofar Oman describes the UNESCO sites and others sites associated with frankincense in the southern Governorate of Dhofar (Oman). This volume explores the history of frankincense trees in the Sultanate, and the role of frankincense throughout the ancient world from pharaonic Egypt to the Roman Empire.
This book explores the location and UNESCO sites of Frankincense in Dhofar Oman, in which Frankincense trees are planted and concentrated. For example, Al Balid UNESCO site is a historical site where visitors can explore the remains of a castle, mosques, and frankincense trees. Also at Al Balid is the Land of Frankincense Museum, which highlights Oman's rich frankincense history and its connection to Oman's storied maritime heritage.
The Land of Frankincense also details local uses of frankincense, its biology and natural environment. The guide discusses the medicinal uses of frankincense. For example, frankincense bark infused in water has been used as an antiseptic while frankincense resin was used as a provisional filling for cracked teeth. The volume includes black and white photographs related to the land of frankincense in Dhofar Oman.

Author: Tony Walsh. Published by: Arabesque Travel, 2018.

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