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SQCC received Students from Lorien Wood Elementary School in Vienna, VA

Date & Time

October 12, 2023
12:00 am - 11:59 pm



About the Event

On Thursday 12 October, SQCC received twenty three students, both fourth and fifth graders as well as three teachers from Lorien Wood Elementary School in VA. The visit began with a tour at SQCC’s permanent exhibition, where the group were introduced to Oman, its traditions, culture, and history including: traditional Omani attire and handicrafts, pottery, basketry, and silver artwork. Visitors also learned about the historical importance of the aflaj irrigation system, forts, and maritime trade.

Students also visited SQCC’s library and learned more about Oman through a wide range of publications about cultural heritage, both in English and Arabic.

After the tour, the group listened to a lecture about Omani culture, people, traditions, and environment, where students asked many questions on Oman’s tradition and environment.

Students also watched a video on wildlife in Oman, as well as a video about folktales in Oman.

SQCC also offered an activity where students could learn to write Arabic phrases and words on dotted font. These words and phrases included: “Oman,” “I love Oman,” “Oman is a beautiful country,” “How are you,” “Thank you very much,” “Good morning”, “Good evening,” “Peace be Upon You,” and “Peace”. Students also enjoyed other language activities including Arabic calligraphy where staff wrote students’ names in Arabic on paper decorated with Arabesque designs.

Students listened to the Omani National Anthem and watched an Omani dance. The visit concluded with each students receiving a book entitled My Grandmother’s Stories, Folk Tales from Dhofar by Khadija bint Alawi Al-Dhahab.