Attainment of education is not a luxury but is a prerequisite for the development of good values, to build the nation, support its achievements and fulfil its aspirations whether they are immediate or long term." ~ The Renaissance of Education in the Sultanate of Oman

Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Library

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The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Library features a special collection of Arabic and English language books, periodicals and photographic works on the history, literature, politics and religion of The Sultanate of Oman. The range of resources covers art and architecture, law, Islamic Law, Ibadi Islam, Qur’anic studies, histories of Oman and Zanzibar, Arabic literature in the form of short stories and poetry, literary criticism as well as materials on science, education and libraries.

The collection features many publications not found elsewhere in the United States and includes a wide range of government publications.

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Cultural Treasures from the Cave Shelters of Dhofar: Photographs of the Painted Rock Art Heritage of Southern Oman

In archaeology, rock art is defined as human making their marks on stone. This book is about Oman’s ancient pictographs of rock art across the Dhofar mountains and desert.

Special exhibition launch: Photographs of the Painted Rock Art Heritage of Southern Oman Featuring the research of archaeologist Dr. William Gerard Zimmerle - Friday, February 17 to Friday March 3 2017

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