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SQCC Hosts Students From Lorien Woods Elementary School

Friday, October 11, 2019

On Friday 11 October, the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center hosted 34 students from Lorien Woods Elementary School in Virginia. Students split into two groups for a tour of SQCC’s exhibition and a majmar painting activity. The first group visited the cultural exhibition and experienced the interactive art displays of Oman’s cultural heritage of the aflaj (ancient water channels in Oman), forts, silver artwork, pottery, basketry, and carpentry handcrafts.


At the same time, the second group experienced a majmar painting workshop where they learned about Omani frankincense while painting a traditional Omani majmar, or frankincense burner. SQCC provided paint, brushes, patterns, and majmar replicas for students to paint traditional designs or entirely new patterns. Students learned Oman’s history and culture and to experience it themselves while painting the majmar with their own designs.


Pictures of the visit can be viewed here.

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