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SQCC Hosts the 2019 Around the World Embassy Tour

Saturday, May 4, 2019

On 4 May, Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center opened its doors for Passport D.C. and the annual Around the World Embassy Tour. It was the fifth time SQCC participated in the daylong event bringing hundreds of visitors from across the district and the United States to SQCC. Families and friends enjoyed cultural treasures from the Sultanate and all that SQCC had to offer. Guests were welcomed in traditional Omani fashion by the scent of warmed frankincense, the taste of Omani coffee and dates, and the sound of live Oud music. Popular activities included henna, decorating fanoos lanterns, and taking group selfies dressed in customary Omani attire in front of a green screen featuring landscapes from the Sultanate.

Also popular was the station showcasing scents from Oman with fragrances of rose, sandalwood, cloves, and more. Visitors learned about the holy month of Ramadan in Oman and wrote Ramadan greetings. Children participated in a qaranqasho walk around SQCC’s building while singing, clasping seashells, and collecting sweets. Puppet shows followed by a cartoon in Arabic about Omani sea turtles were held every half hour. It was a special day celebrating Omani culture and learning about the cultural richness and diversity in the Sultanate of Oman. Thank you all you came to this year’s Around the World Embassy Tour at SQCC. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

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