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2015 Research Fellowship Awarded

Monday, 02 February, 2015
SQCC is happy to announce the selection of a new research fellow for the 2015 SQCC Research Fellowship:

Dr. Thomas McDow, an assistant professor of history at Ohio State University, will work with his co-investigator, Dr. Fahad Bishara (assistant professor of history at the College of William and Mary), on a research project titled "An Ocean of Paper: Mapping Omani Genealogies and Migrations Across the Indian Ocean." The project will develop a public history tool by collecting, digitizing, cataloging, and publishing thousands of documents left behind by Omani merchant and migrants around the Indian Ocean. They will create a searchable, centralized database of Omani business deeds scattered around archives in Oman and East Africa, while also constructing a preliminary visual network of Omani kinship, migration, and commerce across the region during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The database will facilitate research by students and academics writing the social history of the Sultanate, as well as Omanis interested in tracking the movements and activities of their ancestors. 

For more on the Research Fellowship, visit this page

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