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Film Night at SQCC: Sooty Falcons of Oman

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

SQCC hosted its inaugural film night on Wednesday 20 March. The film for the evening was the documentary "The Migrant - Sooty Falcons in Oman." This fascinating documentary features efforts of the Office for Conservation of the Environment (OCE) at the Diwan of Royal Court Oman, which initiated a research program in cooperation with international experts to study and protect this unique long-range bird of prey. Experts at OCE tracked the falcons during the breeding seasons in their habitat on the Daymaniyat Archipelago islands around 20 kilometers off the coast of Oman. The documentary then followed the migration route of juvenile falcons, crossing Al Hajar mountains and the Rub Al Khali desert in Oman, resting in the Horn of Africa, before finally reaching Madagascar, the Sooty falcon’s non-breeding season destination.  

Photos of the event can be viewed here
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