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SQCC Hosts K-12 workshop on - From Sinbad to the Shabab Oman: A Seafaring Legacy

Saturday, September 23, 2017

On Saturday 23 September, the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center hosted a teachers workshop for K-12 teachers in the DC area.  The workshop began with a tour of the exhibition by Dr. Harrison Guthorn. Teachers learned about how the monsoon winds influenced Omani trade and the evolving role of the port in Omani culture and history. After the tour, Dr. Allen Fromherz, Professor of Middle Eastern, Gulf and Mediterranean History at Georgia State University gave a lecture titled "Sultan, Sails and Steam: Rethinking Oman’s Maritime Empire." The lecture highlighted Oman as a maritime power in the Western Indian Ocean during the 19th Century.

Later on, Dr. Susan Douglass, Education Outreach Coordinator at Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies continued the workshop by presenting the Indian Ocean in World History (IOWH), a friendly effective and engaging resource for educators and students on the role of the Indian Ocean in world history. The website’s content adheres to the common core curricula goals set by the U.S. Department of Education for use in American classrooms.

View some pictures of the event here.

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